It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday, January 2, 2019
New header image, an almost frozen pond I came across in upstate NY. Previous image, suitable for the holiday season. #
I'm having an interesting discussion with longtime friend Jon Udell, but I think we're discussing different things. I'm trying to say we don't have a good way to explain features in languages and environments to people who aren't schooled in the environment. So if I say X has a feature no other environment has, people will always say it "sounds like" something they've seen in environment A, B and C. But "sounds like" is not good enough. If for example Billy Joel were to claim he had written a great new song, then played it on the piano and it was obviously Hey Jude, you could say Hey Billy that "sounds like" Hey Jude and you'd have a good idea that you are right. Because music has a universal instrument for sharing tunes, the piano. Software does not. I hoped JavaScript would be it. But maybe it is. I'll try demoing the feature I was talking about in the piece Jon was commenting on, using JavaScript.#

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