It's even worse than it appears.
Felix Salmon says that billionaires are losing their luster. Ted Turner, a billionaire for many years, said: "I bet you’re all wondering what it feels like to be a billionaire. It’s disappointing really. I’ve learned that great wealth isn’t nearly as good as average sex." As Yogi Berra once said, "You can observe a lot by watching."#
Today is my maternal grandfather's birthday, Rudy Kiesler. I don't remember what year he was born, perhaps 1908? But I will likely never forget the day he was born. I also remember my paternal grandfather's birthday -- May 1, 1899. One day before mine (in 1955). I don't remember my father's birthday, there was always confusion about it. There was his real birthday and his official birthday which was transcribed incorrectly at Ellis Island when they emigrated. #
You know how Twitch lets you watch people program? I've never wanted to do that, it would make me too self-conscious, break the trance. Programming is a deeply meditative thing for me. Not something I'd want to do for an audience. But I realized after doing a project in GitHub from the beginning, that this is a much more meaningful kind of performance. You can watch the building go up over many programming sessions. Starting with the most basic stuff, to stress tests and docs. It's all there in the (still private) repo. #
  • This is how you start from scratch with MySQL on the Mac, assuming all you want is the same experience as what you have on Linux.#
    • Download and install the package from In the process you will choose a password for the root user. This is important.#
    • In the Mac system settings app, there should be a new panel for MySQL. Open it and be sure MySQL is started. #
    • In a new Terminal window: #
      • cd /usr/local/mysql/bin#
      • sudo mysql --password#
    • It will ask for two passwords, your Mac system password to authenticate as root, and the password you chose for MySql in the first step. Once you enter both correctly you'll be able to type SQL commands. From here it should behave just like Linux. #
  • Thanks to Scott Hanson for the outstanding support, as always.#

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