It's even worse than it appears.
Our campaign poster for 2020. #
I recorded a 6-minute podcast explaining "If it doesn't have a feed it isn't a podcast." Ken Smith, an Indiana English professor raised the question in this post. #
Can we agree if Trump shuts down the government again it's time to impeach.#
I ran a script that fixed all the broken links to on blog pages on I got tired of all the broken images. Here's a list of the pages, and a zip archive of the original versions of the pages, as a backup in case anything went wrong.#
Klobuchar announces in Minneapolis. Quite an image. #
AOC is like Napster. In 2000, at its peak. People were talking about music in supermarket checkout lines and airports. Music hadn't been that exciting in decades. AOC is like that.#
A panel of elites tells journalism their business model for the future is raising money from philanthropy. Worthless advice designed to warm the hearts of the tech giants.#
As you may know I'm shopping for a car. I'm using a number of car-rating sites, including Consumer Reports where I am a member. I wanted to use their pricing service, but they ask for a phone number before letting you in. This was a deal-stopper at first, but eventually I relented and entered my number. Immediately I was taken to a screen that said that a dealer would contact me by phone. No opt out. I was not warned this would happen. I assumed that because this was integrated with Consumer Reports website that it would treat me, the consumer, fairly. I just got a call from the dealer. I didn't take it. A waste of all our time, but most importantly a waste of CR's rep. They took a big hit here with me. Which sucks because trust is central to the service they sell. [Update: It's turning into a spamfest. The dealer, Bertera Subaru, has called twice, sent three text messages and two emails, so far. Another update. When I asked Andrew Luzio of Bertera to stop spamming me, he responded with more spam.]#

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