It's even worse than it appears.
There's been a lot of discussion Twitter lately about how it can become a better system to conduct an interview, after a hard-to-follow interview between Kara Swisher and Jack Dorsey. Maybe Twitter is a publishing medium and not a chat room. Every product has design choices built in, if you make it a great chat app you end up with something other than what Twitter is. No product is everything to everyone, a lesson learned when integration was a huge push in the software business. A better approach is to use Twitter tech to glue together a variety of apps, each with their focus on one aspect of networked communication and publishing.#
  • Note: I am keynoting the ISOJ conference in Austin in April, and am gathering my thoughts in advance in the form of blog posts (of course). Here's the first nugget. #
  • Journalism should ask itself this question -- why is Facebook making billions in profit every year and growing at such a huge rate, when journalism is stuck in the mud on the verge of collapse.#
  • If this were tech, the CEOs of the journalism companies would be trying to figure out how to grab some of that growth.#
  • That's where we start our exploration. 💥#

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