It's even worse than it appears.
I am a first generation American. 🇺🇸 #
Rami Malek's Oscar speech was nice, wish he would have mentioned Freddie Mercury, but his (earlier) Emmy speech was the best award acceptance speech ever, but it only made sense if you had seen Mr Robot.#
The best speeches in last night's Oscars were the actors, which should not be a surprise. This is what they do. They're playing a role, they've probably been coached by experts. Look at the boost Malik and Colman got. They go from being small-time stars, to big stars overnight. #
With all the high stakes drama in the world the news should at least be interesting. But it isn't. Another sign something isn't working. #
I've come to think of Twitter and YouTube as integral parts of my blog. I am able to include tweets and YT videos as expandable elements under a blog item. If either system were to go down, the posts would still be readable, I try to write them so they'll still make sense. But there's no question at least these two systems have become integral to the web as I see and use it. #
News is supposed to save democracy, but news itself is not democratic. The people are relegated to paying to read. Seems like a pretty basic flaw. And they want taxpayer funding. Hmmm. Didn’t we fight a revolution over just that?#
  • I cross-posted the item about 25 years of news development on the web, and its ridiculously sad state. I was able to cross-post it easily on Twitter, Facebook, Medium and WordPress. #
  • I also would have posted it to the NYT site and the New Yorker and Wired and any other news site that allowed source postings. None do. I believe that if news is to right itself and get on a strong foundation on the web, this will seem like a silly idea in the future.#
  • News sites not only had paywalls, they had even bigger walls in the other direction. Think of them as "idea walls."#

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