It's even worse than it appears.
I saw an electric Citi Bike today in Manhattan.#
Adweek is a sneaky outfit. If you go there with an ad blocker on you get this scolding. So if you turn the ad blocker off, you still can't read the article. This is supposed to make you do what? Subscribe? Not really, I wonder if they user-tested this. #
Over on Twitter, a question -- "What do you do to feel more confident?" I have an answer, but it's sort of NSFW. So I'll post it here instead of there. Certain drugs in your bloodstream give you confidence. Not sure if this is true for women, but it is true for me, and I'd guess for other men. So when I'm feeling frail, or sad, or lacking direction, I stimulate my body to produce this drug. It's never failed. 💥#
  • The web is showing me lots of furniture ads these days. Here's an example of an ad for a simple convertible couch that looks really nice imho.#
  • Here's the thing I don't understand. How can you buy furniture online? I can't get a feel for it. This little couch is very cheap. It must feel cheap, right? But it doesn't look cheap.#
  • How can people buy something like this without sitting on it first? How does this work? Plenty of people must buy this way or there wouldn't be so many businesses selling this way, I assume...#

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