It's even worse than it appears.
A brief history of Brexit is funny because it's true, and British.#
Medium keeps changing their mind about what they are. Today's change, for me, adds to the confusion. Yet, if you think of Medium as a publishing company, as they seem to want us to, at least for now, of all the online publishing companies, they alone have structured their product around the idea of a somewhat level playing field where there isn't (much of) a distinction between professional writers and the rest of us. The big publishing and tech companies would be wise to pay attention. Even if Medium doesn't succeed, they are exploring an idea that is imho the future of news publishing. #
  • I found a default that's set the wrong way on Facebook. #
  • Here's the story. #
    • I set up a private group just for close friends for me to share stuff I don't want to be shared publicly.#
    • I only added people, slowly, who I want to be in the loop on what I'm doing.#
    • Someone I didn't invite posted a comment.#
    • How did that happen?#
    • I looked at the group settings and there's a pref that says whether or not group members can add people. It was enabled. Oy.#
    • Luckily only one person was added this way, and it was someone I would have added anyway. But this should default the other way Facebook.#
  • You aren't going to solve the problems of journalism by turning the clock back to the 20th century. Because...#
    • It doesn't work that way.#
    • If somehow it could work, it's only in the interest of a few journalists...#
    • Who don't want to use the new tech to make news better.#

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