It's even worse than it appears.
Killing Eve season 2 in the same class as Breaking Bad. The most depraved comedy action series in a very long time.#
I love this scene in the movie Amadeus. What's cool is how incompetent yet good-natured the Emperor is.#
BTW here's a picture of two very sweet and generous people dancing at #isoj2019. They understand the importance of symbolism and have the courage. This picture illustrates working together, which they do IRL, which is so damn important in this crazy world of ours. #
Another offline conversation at #isoj2019 -- I got to say to a NYT editor, in a congenial way, that I thought: 1. The NYT should have a public editor and 2. It should be a member of the public, not a journalist. The current situation is not getting them the benefit they need. #
In this Twitter thread I invite a major publisher, Trei Brundrett of Vox to endorse the Instant tech bootcamps for journalists idea. Help turn it into reality in time to help us have a good 2020 election. #
  • Don't read this if you don't want an incredibly brief summary of last night's episode of Game of Thrones. #
    • You have been warned.#
      • I'm serious.#
        • This is it, the summary is below.#
          • It's not too late to turn back.#
            • This time I mean it.#
              • It's mostly reunions between two or more amazing characters who had never met or hadn't seen each other in decades and assumed were dead. #
                • I predict in coming episodes we will see reunions with characters who are long dead, as White Walkers. #

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