It's even worse than it appears.
Every time you criticize a Democratic candidate, please add "Whatever happens I'm voting for whoever isn't Trump. I hope you are too." This ought to be our mantra. Disagreement is great. Suicide is not permitted.#
Another problem in letting the silos usurp the name "podcast" is they will take it places that suit them, and when it's done, the term will mean "failed get-rich-quick scheme."#
Once podcasting becomes a tech battleground, it will get to be like Disneyland or HBO. I like silos as much as anyone, I prefer Fresca to some unknown local brand of soda (are there any?) but what I love about podcasting is the mix of styles and ideas. #
I just gave $100 to Joe Biden. I have already given $100 to Amy Klobuchar. I am really starting to like Elizabeth Warren. I like the confidence. But whatever happens I'm voting for whoever isn't Trump. I hope you are too.#
You might try listening to someone who is sure they're right, no matter what their age. Sometimes they're right, I've found.#
BTW, if you've ever watched Jeopardy, you should watch at least one of the current shows with James Holzhauer. He's basically found a new level in the game. He is very knowledgable of trivia, but also risks a lot. And that's why he wins.#

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