It's even worse than it appears.
Poll: If the final three episodes of Game of Thrones leaked tonight, would you stop everything and watch them or would you wait?#
Lots of people were working on classified ads on the web in the 90s. I had my own project, the archive is still there. Journalists should stop saying Craig Newmark is responsible. Progress happens. The web is better at classified ads. That's the story.#
The Trump obstruction has gone meta. It's now layers deep, like Inception. First Trump obstructed. Now Barr is obstructing Trump's obstruction. #
As the Airplane used to sing, one pill makes you larger... #
I've been taking pictures of my countryside explorations, and found that my top of the line iPhone isn't doing a good enough job, so I thought I'd try dusting off the old Canon EOS 5D my father left me, and see what it can do. I went though some of the pictures, the quality is amazing, esp for a camera that's over ten years old. Here's a small bit of a picture I took on Lafayette St in NYC. It does beautiful work. #
A longtime blogging friend Dan Conover is writing on Facebook these days, which is a shame, because his best pieces get me thinking enough that I want to write my own post that expands on his thinking, like the one he wrote the other day about splitting the US in two. Dan lives in South Carolina. Former journalist. I met him on my visit to Spartanberg in 2005, as part of a great auto tour through the south. I learned a lot at every stop. So Dan wrote that the problems of the US are much bigger than a terrible choice for president in 2016, it has to do with the compromise that was made at the beginning of the country when it was just 3 million people (today's population of Oklahoma) because they built a country around two very different economies and cultures -- agrarian and urban. It's only grown more pronounced in 2019. We just can't live together. The US needs a Brexit. Of course we aren't going to get one (it's impossible). I wish you could read his whole piece. #

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