It's even worse than it appears.
My mother was in my dreams last night. I remember one part. She's in the other room lying down reading, something she did a lot, and for some reason I called her on the phone. We hadn't spoken in a long time. She said "an angel is calling" in a very sentimental way. She never said stuff like that. This morning I wonder maybe I was the one who died? Happy Mother's Day mom, where ever you are, or where ever I am. ❤️#
If you need reading glasses and use a computer, these are great, because they are multifocus. Good for reading the screen (medium distance) as well as up-close.#
New feature in the chat tab, permalinks. If you roll your mouse over the time, next to the author's name, you'll see it's a link. Click the link to get to a page with just that item on it. It's a permalink to the story page for the item. That means you can point to a comment the same way you'd point to a blog post. It will continue to work even after there's a rollover of the chat stream (a fresh start that I'll do periodically). However story pages will not survive moderation, so this isn't a place to write a blog post. Respect the comment guidelines. 💥#
  • We're getting the downside of networking and not enough of the upside because progress is stalled due to Facebook's dominance. #
  • If they had created a thriving ecosystem not underneath them but alongside them, no one would be talking about about breaking it up, it would already be in pieces.#
  • Everyone who's ever pursued a monopoly in tech should see (now) why it's a dead end. And people who in their hearts felt the web should stay open, you were right, it's the only sustainable option.#
  • It's easy and economical for Zuck to give up his monopoly and it doesn't require divestiture or breaking up. And it's necessary to get the web growing again.#
  • Key point: We have to have more than Zuck's mind working on this.#

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