It's even worse than it appears.
Idea for a web app. A URL shortener that sanitizes and beautifies the writing on the page before displaying it. I often won't point to interesting stories because the HTML in the page is so obscene. Example. I thought Charles Barkley had some wise words for Kristaps Porzingis, worth passing on. I apologize in advance for the BS on that site. #
BTW, this is what the post above looks like in my reader. It can be much better. I'm taking a look at this now. #
Also, this is what it looks like in the Chat tab.#
  • This is a specialized tool useful to a small number of people. I'm putting it here so I can easily find it by searching, when I need it in the future. #
  • As you may know I have a NPM package, davefeedread, that makes it easy to read most kinds of feeds in Node.js projects. I use it in my apps that read feeds, so when I fix a bug, I just have to add it in this one place and rebuild any app that uses it. #
  • I share it because I want people to use RSS. 🚀 #
  • Today I was debugging an app that generates RSS, and wanted to get a close look at what davefeedread was generating, and decided once and for all to put it in a web app, to make it easy to debug a feed. Should've done it long ago.#
  • Here's an example link:#
  • It displays the structure that the davefeedread package returns for my feed. #
  • Thanks to Dan MacTough who wrote the feedparser package that this is built on. #

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