It's even worse than it appears.
If you're the kind of person who likes an early look at new things, here's my collection of stories from feeds I follow in River6. By design, it's an evolution of the river of news readers we had for earlier apps. I've put considerable time into fixing bugs and adding new small features, and of course the engine on the back-end is completely new. The GitHub repo is still private. #
2016: "I'm not going to pay to get through 100 paywalls. They need to work together to solve this."#
  • First, thanks to the team at GitHub for allowing me to be an early tester of this product. I'm a regular user of NPM, I publish my own packages, I use it to manage my Node code base. So I'm interested in innovations in this area. #
  • Here are some very basic questions. #
    • Is it either/or? If I use GitHub Package Registry, can I still access packages in NPM?#
    • If I can't, are common NPM packages also available in GHPR? For example, I use nodejs-websocket in some of my projects.#
    • What are some use-cases for GHPR? #
    • What advantages does it have over NPM?#
    • Drawbacks?#
  • These are all questions I will try to answer as I do my investigation, but it would be helpful to get the answers from others first. Might save me some time. #

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