It's even worse than it appears.
Maybe the city should offer the Nets use of Madison Square Garden until the Knicks get it together. Maybe we could even call the Nets the Knicks, why not, it's not as if the actual Knicks are doing anything with the name. Let Brooklyn have Dolan.#
  • I watched a bit of last night's show starring John Lithgow as Trump. It was sold as a play. I thought that meant it was going to be dialog between characters, pure story-telling creating suspension of disbelief, but it was just another reading of the Mueller report, a good one. I would have thought that great actors would want to do a play, but it wasn't a play. It was actors reading a report written by lawyers. #
  • In the rest of this post I'll outline how the project, if it were to really have impact, would get started. It will be more of a commitment than last night's performance. But our world is worth it, don't you think??#
  • So here's the concept... #
  • A serial radio play, distributed as a weekly podcast. #
  • Opening scene, a congressional hearing. A select committee of senators and representatives question (actors playing) Manafort, Flynn, Hicks, Comey, etc, who answer questions fully as they did for Mueller. The answers derive from the report, but they are not verbatim. The actors strive to present their characters in a good light. The congresspeople are all interested in getting the truth. Even the Repubs. This part of course is fiction. Artistic license. And the Democrats have the guts to ask probing, hard questions.#
  • Dramatic interludes in the Oval Office, on Air Force One, golf courses and watching TV (executive time) where the president, played by Lithgow (an excellent choice to play Trump) gives soliloquies in the form of phone conversations with various celebs such as Hannity, Carl Icahn and a few surprises. We keep coming back to the hearing room, that's where the story is really being told. #
  • The resulting radio show, a riveting drama, is released one episode a week as a podcast. #
  • PS: Perfect person to write it imho -- Aaron Sorkin. #

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