It's even worse than it appears.
Where do you go to say Twitter is down?#
A great summary of what remains of Carmelo Anthony's career.#
1969 was incredible. The moon landing, Woodstock and the Mets win the World Series.#
Someone asked where my GitHub repos are. #
I should talk with Anton Zuiker more often. Today he showed me a project he's doing at Duke University to create podcasts for their community which is very expansive to include staff and the patients. It's called Voices of Duke Health. What an incredible project. They already have 16 episodes. #
Pro tip: Before you send an email, read it, and ask yourself if the person you're sending it to will understand. #
Taco Bell is doing innovative marketing, not selling -- trying to nudge its brand upscale, and for me, it works. It's surprising, I always thought of TB as cheap fast food. I liked their ads. Two tacos for 99 cents. But this new approach is more effective imho than just advertising.#
A memorable episode of the original Star Trek where they encounter the last two survivors of a species, that were still at war with each other over racial hatred. It was set up so you could see how ridiculous their hatred was. #
  • I came up with a title for my book of memories on my bike ride. I found a simple idea that ties all my observations together. It goes like this.#
  • Kurt Vonnegut was right.#
  • That's it. If you read Sirens of Titan you'll know what I mean. The ending. And pretty much every other book he wrote, all were so funny because the truth is funny, that is if you believe what Vonnegut said which I do.#

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