It's even worse than it appears.
If I were on the editorial board of Time, I'd choose The Troll as POTY for 2019. And probably for every year after that too. It's not that the top troll didn't take full charge three years ago, he did. But this is the year for a critical mass of people aware of the way trolls work. Maybe there is some hope for us? #
New header image from Doc Searls, of Niagara Falls. It looks like a scene from a 1930s color movie. Previous image was of the US women's soccer team in celebration. #
Dan Conover is one of the best observers of current events. I've urged him to publish on a blog with an RSS feed, and now he has. Please subscribe, read him, and encourage him. #
When you debunk the troll you might as well change your handle to Radio Trump because you're one of his broadcasters. #
  • Someone reacts to something you said as if you said something trivial. Here are a couple of examples that counter what you said. You say but that isn't what I was saying. What were you saying? At this point, if you go any further, you're just going to have to repeat what you said, which is there at the top of the thread. So you say I just wanted to put that idea out there, not engage in a deep exploration of everything. Now some amount of abuse will come at you. Better just to say nothing, and probably best to unfollow the person or unfriend them. Delete all evidence that they exist.#

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