It's even worse than it appears.
Why no team can sign Carmelo Anthony. Think about what kind of criticism the team would be open to if they did and the season went badly. The management and coaching would take a hit with fans beause they wasted their attention on giving an old player a stage to perform his last season. Kind of makes each game an exhibition, not a serious contest. Might sell a few more tickets, but maybe it'd have the opposite effect, the embarrassment of being Melo rubs off on the team. Even worse, what if they came close, and there's another forward they could have gotten that critics think might have made the difference. Meanwhile Melo was trading jersies with stars on other teams for photo ops. I feel for Melo. I wouldn't want to be where he is. He's more like a mascot than a player. He has a smell on him, and it's not a good one. I wish it weren't so.#
I can't understand is why more people haven't watched Bojack Horseman? It's on Netflix so it's pretty easy for a lot of people to get. I hear that people don't like animations. But it's one of the best shows ever, and stars some of the best actors, and lots of cameos with real Hollywood stars. And many of the people who write and design the show go on to do other shows you probably love. It's very influential. I started spreading the gospel of Bojack in 2015. There's a new 1/2 season coming at the end of October. I can't wait. #
The idea of left and right is nuts, because Trump ran on a pretty far-left plan if you took his words at face value. I suspect the idea of left vs right is something that mostly makes sense to people who view politics as sport, like Mets vs Yankees.#
  • The @nbariver Twitter feed is flowing again. #
  • I'm also getting the @podc Twitter feed going too. It started in 2007, when podcasting and Twitter were both pretty new. #
  • Rivers are like Twitter timelines except made out of RSS feeds, which are distributed all over the internet, not just on Twitter. So there's "" and @nbariver. They carry the same information, in the same order (newest first) -- one on my server, and the other on Twitter. Similarly, there's and @podc.#
  • I know this might be confusing, but it's worth understanding imho.#
  • I'm returning my old Apple Watch for a $100 credit after getting a new 5th generation watch (I will write it up later). I've done this before and remember the process was easy because they designed the docs well, and took out all the unnecessary steps (something designers call factoring). But this time, instead of writing the instructions in a language I understand they use pictures with links to web pages. A couple of problems there. First, they use a very light color to print the URLs and they're too small for me to read, even with my glasses. I used my iPhone's flashlight, but the paper is glossy. I ended up taking a picture of the doc, and blowing it up. Second, couldn't they use a URL shortener? Didn't someone at Apple suggest that? I can't imagine it would cost that much. The whole thing, which I remember as being impressively easy last time is a pain in the ass this time. I think maybe the difference is that Steve is gone and most people who work at Apple started after he left. #
  • The instructions also don't seem to say who you call or email to come pick up the watch. A phone number would be nice. It must be here, but for the life of me I can't see it. #
  • Also there's this weird red paper thing they included. I have no idea what it's for. It might be a piece of tape, but it isn't. There's no peel-off strip on the back. Mysterious.#

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