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Why you must watch BoJack Horseman

Note: There are a few nano-spoilers here, but you can safely read this and still have 100 percent of the fun watching the show, because nothing can begin to explain how spacy and intelligent it actually is.

This is more of a sales pitch than a disclosure.

Why you must watch BoJack Horseman

  1. Did you like Breaking Bad? Well, Aaron Paul is one of the stars of this show. He's the guy who played Jesse Pinkman. He's even funnier in this show.

  2. Did you like Fantastic Mr Fox? Well, this is a lot like that too, except there are are more humans, and instead of the star being a fox, he's a horse.

  3. As in Fantastic Mr Fox, the animals know they're animals.

  4. Do you like dogs? One of the main characters is a dog. He has a human wife.

  5. How about JK Simmons, who played Dr Skoda on Law & Order? He's got a nice role, a turtle who is a Hollywoo mogul.

  6. Speaking of Hollywoo, that's where this takes place. You'll be surprised to find out why.

  7. Did you notice that the MSNBSea anchor sounds like like Keith Olbermann? Heh.

  8. I'm going to compare this to Big Lebowski. I think in many ways it's as funny and daring as that great Coen Brothers comedy. There isn't a single character as great as The Dude, but there are so many of them, and it's about LA, and it's really funny.

  9. J.D. Salinger is in the show, and he's funny!

  10. Will Arnett plays BoJack.

  11. Other actors, comedians: Stephen Colbert, Angelica Huston, Kristin Chenoweth, Stanley Tucci.

Netflix has another hit, but it's a sleeper.

Most people haven't heard of it. Yet.

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