It's even worse than it appears.
A very nice piece about the 25th anniversary of blogging from John Naughton at the Guardian. #
OMG the Succession theme song has lyrics. Who knew! #
Pro tip for podcasters. In your RSS feed, each <item> should set the <link> element to point at the landing page for the episode. Otherwise the only way to share your podcast is with a link to the MP3 which isn't good for you or them. You can see dozens of these items in my podc account on Twitter. #
A lot of other people, including Republicans, have picked up on Elizabeth Warren's unfortunate putdown of people who think that marriage is between one woman and one man. We have to have a serious talk about this, because it reveals a side of Warren that is divisive and unacceptable. I'm sick of electing presidents who divide us into evil and not-evil. It's the sickness of our country. Honestly I don't care about marriage, anyone's marriage. I think marriage is an awful institution. It wrecked the family I grew up in. So no one has the high ground here as far as I'm concerned. And while I think Warren is the best candidate we have now, I think she needs to do some soul searching on this. If she is elected, it would be tragic if she does the same kind of BS that the Republicans do, and tries to make some Americans outcasts. After all, the question she was asked was about other people's beliefs, not their actions. And as president, her job would be to safeguard their rights, along with those of people she agrees with. As faculty at Harvard Law School I would think she would be steeped in that understanding, that it would run in her blood. The Constitution isn't just for people we agree with. #
A perfect example of what's wrong with everything public. A senator feels a constituent who asks obvious questions is being rude. So he asked the questions again in a full page ad which was published on Twitter. We have the tools to create the political system we want. #
I saw a casual comment somewhere (sorry I forgot where) that creating and editing a template in Wordpress still requires PHP skills. I wondered if this was true. Editing a site template should be a matter of editing HTML only. It can and should be easy. (Update: Apparently it is still that hard.)#
Here's the Yovanovich statement, not behind a paywall, free to download.#
You know how we worried what would happen when Trump's incompetence resulted in an international disaster. I think we've arrived at that point with the Turks and the Kurds.#
I had a dream last night I was forming a new tech startup with Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google. At one point I explained to a government clerk that Schmidt is a billionaire so it seems likely we’ll get funded. She was saying maybe we should recruit a better CEO and CTO.#
  • If I put the name of a company in a tweet with a problem with their product, in 2019 there's a pretty good chance a support rep will respond and try to help. The quality of the help varies, but they do try.#
  • But in all the years I've been blogging, or tweeting, or whatever, the only response I've gotten from a political campaign was to add me to their donor list.#
  • It happened with Obama, Hillary Clinton. It was really humiliating because in both cases, I passionately wanted them to win, but not just the way Obama did, rather in a way that would lead to effective permanent organization of the electorate using networks. Every emailed request for money reminded me of what they thought of me. Give us money. Give us money. And give us money. #
  • So far Warren has just ignored what I've said, even though imho it's been good advice. I think today's piece, especially, is make-or-break for her campaign. To be doing so well up to this point and have the problem show up this early, is scary. I'm not sure that even if she wins, it'll be any better than Trump. That's how serious it is. #
  • Politics is like public radio. They say they're doing it for the people but in the end what they want is donations. At some point we'll have a campaign that embraces the people, and learns how to use networks to organize us. But it hasn't happened yet. #
  • As an experiment this story is archived on GitHub.#
  • News reports everything as Democrats vs Republicans. This makes me angry, because some things, like the president ignoring the Constitution, are not partisan issues. Yes, the Democrats are on the right side of this one, but so are honorable Republicans. #
  • I used to call for tech boot camps for reporters, to help them get the basic facts right, and avoiding But Her Emails type tragedies. It seems they need legal boot camps too, so they can understand (and report) better on how our constitutional government works. #
  • As an experiment this story is archived on GitHub. #

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