It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday October 13, 2019; 11:07 AM EDT
  • If I put the name of a company in a tweet with a problem with their product, in 2019 there's a pretty good chance a support rep will respond and try to help. The quality of the help varies, but they do try.#
  • But in all the years I've been blogging, or tweeting, or whatever, the only response I've gotten from a political campaign was to add me to their donor list.#
  • It happened with Obama, Hillary Clinton. It was really humiliating because in both cases, I passionately wanted them to win, but not just the way Obama did, rather in a way that would lead to effective permanent organization of the electorate using networks. Every emailed request for money reminded me of what they thought of me. Give us money. Give us money. And give us money. #
  • So far Warren has just ignored what I've said, even though imho it's been good advice. I think today's piece, especially, is make-or-break for her campaign. To be doing so well up to this point and have the problem show up this early, is scary. I'm not sure that even if she wins, it'll be any better than Trump. That's how serious it is. #
  • Politics is like public radio. They say they're doing it for the people but in the end what they want is donations. At some point we'll have a campaign that embraces the people, and learns how to use networks to organize us. But it hasn't happened yet. #
  • As an experiment this story is archived on GitHub.#

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