It's even worse than it appears.
Monday October 14, 2019; 9:38 AM EDT
  • I've been emailing with my old friend Dave Carlick about customized searching. I've also been writing about it here. I'm not sure I've made my point, but now I have an excellent example that might shed some light. Dave, take note.#
    • I just searched Google for Old School.#
    • It came back with pointers to a 2003 movie. A Facebook group. A dictionary definition. The urban dictionary version. And on and on.#
    • But I have a product named Old School. I've written about it on my blog a bunch of times. If Google knew I was the author of this blog, it would also know that when I search for Old School, I want to see my product first, because in all likelihood that's what I'm looking for. #
  • That's what I mean about associating the searcher with the searcher's blog. Think of it as SEO for a person. #
  • PS: Here's another one. I just searched for Dave Carlick. Google asks if I meant Dave Carlock. That's crazy. I've been friends with Dave Carlick for 30-plus years. If it read my blog it would know that. It's so wrong. In fact, if I type Carlock it should know I meant Carlick. #
  • PPS: Google is so crazy that when I restict the search to my site, it still asks if I meant Carlock, even though there are references to Carlick on the site I'm searching going back to the 1990s. And the only refs to Carlock are this post. That is just plain wrong. #

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