It's even worse than it appears.
Suggestion: Choose to not be offended, at least once a day.#
Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Mets World Series win. I was 14. Lived in Flushing, mowed the lawns of Mets players. Loved them when they lost, was rewarded for the trust. I’ve believed in miracles my whole life thanks to the example of the 1969 Mets. #
In 1995 I wrote a piece entitled The Baseball God. It was about two days. 1. The day the Mets won the World Series in 1969. 2. And the day of the Loma Prieta quake, when the Giants were playing the A's in the World Series in San Francisco. I only realize now, 24 years later, that they were just one day apart, October 17 in 1989, and October 16 in 1969 (I'm writing this on October 17, 2019). Is the Baseball God sending us a message?#
New feature: Infinite scrolling on Scripting News home page. There's now a More button at the bottom of the page, if you click it, you'll get another page from the Scripting News archive, going back as far as May 2017, when the current CMS came online. You can also vertically scroll past the end and it'll do it without you having to click the button. It's a little tricky because there's so much text at the bottom.#
Inspiring Nancy Pelosi speech. All roads lead to Putin. #
I gave $25 to Amy Klobuchar today. #
I bet there's a Nancy Pelosi skit on SNL this week.#
If it ever happens that browsers refuse to browse HTTP sites, it's going to create a huge outage. Think about Yahoo Groups shutting down in December and all the history that will go offline as a result. The web is huge, deep and old. No platform has existed without breakage as long as the web. #
The web is like one of the big live oak trees in my yard in my old Woodside, CA house. Soaking in the hot tub, I would say to the nearby tree "I own you." It just laughs. If the tree could speak it would say: "I was here long before you, and I'll be here when you're gone." It's true, I sold the house in 2003. The house has been torn down, but the live oak trees are still there. That's the web. It's deep and broad. Try to break it, you might as well try to boil the ocean. #
On tech mail lists for standards people with no power debate what they’re going to force millions of people they don’t know to do. For some reason mail lists make otherwise normal people behave like megalomaniacs.#
Trump is still the guy who led the birther conspiracy, except now he has the power to abandon US allies on a whim. Why are people surprised when a spoiled rich kid whose dad was KKK is still that.#
I had a bike accident a little over 3 weeks ago. Broke a rib, am getting over it. It takes a long time for a rib to heal. This is the second time I've had the rib-breaking kind of bike accident. Last time I broke multiple ribs on both sides. This time it was only one rib but it really broke. I thought for a while I'd have to get surgery to repair it, but it's fixing itself. Makes breathing hard and sleep comes in spurts, I haven't slept through the night since it happened. #

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