It's even worse than it appears.
Short podcast. The battery on my new Subaru Forester died today, resulting in an interesting mystery of user interface design. I got the car going again, btw. All is well. #
I think a blog should be like an old Herb Caen column in the SF Chronicle. A goings-on-around-town type flow of mostly gossip. Short items not essays. Caen's first columns were literally columns. I wonder if there are online columnists who use this style. Send pointers if you know of any (I assume there are many).#
One of the best purchases I've ever made -- a Brita water pitcher. It fits perfectly in the door of a refrigerator. Fill the top with water, put the pitcher in the fridge. It takes a few minutes to filter the water. Next time you want a glass of cold water, just open the fridge and pour a glass. It has no taste. I used to drink bottled Poland Springs water, but I prefer this to the bottles. I still keep some bottled water around for guests. #
Have you noticed that Rachel Maddow talks about Trump having been impeached, in the past tense. I like it, and I also like that no one challenges her chutzpah. She sometimes says it as part of interviews, in front of guests. #
I wish Florida congressperson Francis Rooney would run for re-election. He's one of the few politicians of either party who makes sense. He's leaving when we need people like him the most.#
I wish we had never let Facebook become so powerful, but we did. Eventually there will be a Murdoch version of Facebook, that’s what Zuck is trying to head off. That’s why he’s meeting with the stars of Fox and Breitbart, to assure them Facebook can be their home.#
Robert Reich has decided no one but Biden, Warren or Sanders could be the Democratic nominee, before a single vote has been cast. Whether the pundits like it or not, the voters still decide. Remember what they said about Trump at this stage in 2015.#
Had a dream last night where it turns out my mother didn't die after all. It was all a big mistake. She was healthy and feisty. Across the street. Of course impossible for me to reach. It was a dream after all. #
  • A permanent citizen's occupation of DC. #
  • We don't leave until Trump does.#
  • You sign up for one full day of your choosing. #
  • There's room for say 100K people. #
  • Once 100K people have committed for a given day, that's it, the day is full. You have to sign up for another day. #
  • You arrange to get yourself to DC and back home. #
  • Carry a sign or wear a button or clothing that says you're there to demand Trump's impeachment and removal. #
  • Go anywhere in the space between the Capitol and the White House.#
  • Flood the zone. Rain or shine. #

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