It's even worse than it appears.
For 3+ years reporters won't cross the line re Trump and Russia. Every story ends with the same puzzle. Why does Trump love Russia? We don't know. We just don't know. It's like the line in Harry Met Sally where Carrie Fisher says "He'll never leave her, I know, I know he'll never leave her." Everyone says it at some point. We can recite it along with them. "No one thinks he'll ever leave her," says Meg Ryan. At some point you hope she gets the clue. Everyone but the reporters knows why Trump loves Russia. At some point it would be useful if the reporters would just use it in their reporting. #
32 million people are going to fly in the US this week. Want to help fight the climate crisis? Stay home. 💥#
Political ad seen on highway in Salt Lake City via NakedJen. What a great idea. Be sure to read the story. #
Everything is subject to humor. Yes there must be lines, don't joke about things people have no control over, as in body shaming. But if we can't laugh at ourselves and our foibles, well what's the point of living. We are really small and live infinitesimally short lives. That's the big joke connecting all the individual ones. We don't really matter in the end. If you've ever had someone you're close to die, you know that truth. We're only here for the moment, so let's have fun. #
The Ashokan Rail Trail will be quite a bit longer as of Thanksgiving. This is great news. It's so beautiful, flat, and long. Great place for walks and bike rides. #
  • Good morning coffee fans!#
  • This is something I used to do in the early days of the blog. When I started work in the morning, I'd create a section for the first notes of the day. It's nice because it leaves room at the top of the page as the day goes on, and I don't have to shuffle the morning stuff off to new places.#
  • Morning Coffee Notes was also the name of my first podcast, in the summer of 2004.#
  • Want to see and hear my first podcast? Scroll down to 6/11/2004. #
  • Later that year I started another podcast with Adam Curry called Trade Secrets. It was a cool name for a podcast, It would be cool even today with the glut of podcasts because it's a double entendre, and inviting if you're into secrets that are traded. #
  • Now I forgot why I started today's MCN section. #
  • I'll catch up on my next coding break. 💥#

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