It's even worse than it appears.
Eric Swalwell ripped apart the Repub lawyer/witness. #
Creative idea. A dating app to make healthy children.#
Following up on yesterday's piece on restoring MailToTheFuture, I found the data on a backup from 2010, so I should be able to send the remaining emails at the appointed time, in the future. #
Cabbage soup: Boil 1/2 gallon of water in a big pot. Brown onions, garlic, cabbage, add to boiling water. Add carrots, chunks of white or red potatos. Brown some kind of meat, whatever you like, in stew-size chunks. I went with some chuck, not an expensive grade, this is for soup, all the toughness is going to be boiled out. Make sure it has sufficient fat to add richness to the soup. Add seasoning, I like basil, oregano, hot pepper. A can of chopped tomatoes. As much as a cup of wine vinegar, to taste. Cook for a few hours with low heat. Let it sit overnight, then cook another couple of hours. Reheat whenever you want a delicious bowl of hot soup. You don't have to add anything, it's got everything you need. I like a very cold glass of ice water with it. My father used to make this soup. #
We have a two-party system in the US: the constitutional US govt and the Russian-dominated one. #
During the impeachment hearings it would be great if MSNBC or CNN had an hour every night that were just verbatim highlights from the day's hearings, no expert commentary. I can't afford to watch all day, but I do want to know what happens. One hour is about right. Even better, a podcast. #
  • PagePark is becoming a serious web server. Just wanted to say that. The docs make it sound like a one-off hack for easily hosting parked domains. It was that, at the start, about five years ago. Over time I've been adding features, and trying to keep the code readable and the docs up to date. #
  • Today's problem -- hidden files and folders.#
  • The idea is to be able to put data, scripts, development notes for a site with the site itself. When you're managing as many domains as I am, economies like that may prevent things from getting lost, or having version mismatches. At the same time, I want control over what people will see. #
  • My first plan was to use . as Apache and nginx do. I implemented it and started to set up a test case, and found immediately why this wouldn't work. Mac OS, which I use on my primary machine, uses a . at the beginning of a file name to hide a file or folder. I know I can create such files with a script or at the command line, but the point is to be able to hide stuff from web users that I can see myself. #
  • Next I went with # as the special character. It's what we used in Frontier's website framework. But when I tried to test it the browser chops off everything after the # which is awkward. #
  • Then Philip Borenstein said that Jekyll and other static site generators use underscore to indicate a hidden file or folder. I'm guessing that will work because they had to fit in with both browsers and operating systems, as PagePark does. I'm going to go with that for a bit and see if I'm happy with the way it goes. Respecting prior art is always a good idea. #
  • All this started with a developer poll.#

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