It's even worse than it appears.
When SNL said the devil invented podcasting. #
Video demo of a new LO2 feature Doc asked for. Put the cursor in the middle of a paragraph. Press cmd-return to split the paragraph at the cursor position, creating two headlines. Simple, I do this manually all the time, with copy-paste which is more tedious and error-prone. Also going to do the inverse, cmd-backspace to merge two headlines.#
Continue to be impressed with Brian Lehrer's Impeachment podcast. Highly recommend this episode with Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare. I was going to ask Lehrer to do a show on what the US will be like after a Trump acquittal. This episode is a good start. Before watching another hour of CNN or MSNBC, listen to this. You'll learn a lot more. #
Amy Klobuchar is like a homemade chicken pot pie on a cold winter's day. I think after all the rock and roll the flyover folk would like a little peace and quiet. That's what I want. Not to have to worry about the US govt blowing the world up. #
I never saw this SNL parody of a 2016 HRC commercial. #
Journalism is partisan now. Can’t help it. Just being ethical and educated is now a partisan position. We weren’t raised to believe that, but it’s the new reality.#
The credulous boomer rube demo that backs Donald Trump: "Donald Trump's the smart one, y'all elitists are dummmmb." There's more. This is the new mode for CNN. Laugh at the credulous boomer snowflakes that are wrecking the world. #
  • A debating point I wish the Dems would use.#
    • Repubs say Dems have been trying to impeach Trump since the beginning to overturn the 2016 election. #
    • Not quite. Trump lost the 2018 election. The voters wanted Trump impeached.#
  • Andy Sylvester asked yesterday what can he do to help. Here's one thing that really holds back progress. When I ship a new version of a piece of software, test it. If you don't know how to do software testing, learn. This is a real problem.#
  • I'm going to release a new version of LO2 soon, maybe today or tomorrow. I will have verified it works on my machine, for what I use it for. But there may be deal stoppers for others.#
  • These days, even experienced developers write ridiculous bug reports. One guy sent me an email saying he couldn't unsub from the nightly email. No clue as to what he did, or what happened. He just said it didn't work and asked if I knew what the problem was. There's nothing I can do for him.#
  • 20-plus years ago we had a community that tested the new stuff, and gave us good bug reports. Then we could get some work done. One of them, Terry Teague, was a one-man QA department. He worked for Apple doing testing, but volunteered for community projects like ours, in his spare time, out of the goodness of his heart.#
  • When I release the new version of LO2, I will write up the changes, here, on the blog, and provide a thread on GitHub for problem reports. I will be listening. #
  • See also: Professional users.#

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