It's even worse than it appears.
Tonight's impeachment fire. #
2017: "There's no question that Trump thinks he's a dictator. The question is how will that be resolved."#
Dershowitz just put into words what the acquittal of Trump means. Even if he hadn't spoken, Trump would still be free to do whatever he wants and not fear removal. He could pay people to vote for him using money from the US Treasury. He could arrest Joe Biden and anyone else who runs against him, making Lock Her Up a reality. #
A question someone can ask the president's lawyers today. "Could the president arrest Mitch McConnell if he says something he deems not in the interest of the country?" Think of this as the press conference Trump refuses to have.#
Knicks fans have had it with the owner. At last night's game the fans chanted Sell The Team, the owner walked out in disgrace. The management even had a plan, they played music so loudly you couldn't hear the chant. What a night. #
Must-read: Republicans are fighting to preserve white-minority power. #

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