It's even worse than it appears.
Loyalty to Trump is, today, an issue for people who work in the US government. Soon it will be an issue for everyone who lives in the US. You will have to sign a loyalty oath. We're way past the time when anyone should be working just for themselves.#
Today I learned that Sanders will be the presumptive Democratic Party nominee in eleven days, unless something happens to shake that up. If you don't believe it, read this piece. #
This piece is so chock-full of smarts, it should be a Twitter thread.#
I just saw pictures of a friend's teenage sons in current passport pictures. I've been following their travels via Facebook for years. They were always boys, but now you can see the men. There's a gravitas in the outward view. Thought. These boys were raised to be men. What a great word, raised. I don't think I was actually raised myself. Maybe here and there. Fed. Sometimes cared for. Mostly left to figure it out for myself. #
I thought Sanders' speech was good tonight. I was surprised. I think this may be the first time I've heard him give a speech. Previously I'd only seen him in debates, where he's a prick. Sorry, that's what I see. Even so, he really never has had a negative campaign run against him, and it'll be too late for all of us when the Repubs do. I can't imagine his past is not filled with lots of really awful stuff. #
  • This came up in an email discussion. #
  • Doc said he doesn't really understand how Twitter threading works. I'm not sure I understand it either, and I've implemented it in two of my tools, first Electric Pork and now LO2. #
  • Here's how I do it.#
  • Suppose you have a sequence of four bits of text you want to turn into a Twitter thread.#
  • Label them A, B, C and D. #
  • When you post a tweet you can optionally specify which tweet it is in reply to.#
  • First I post A to Twitter, not a reply.#
    • Then I post B, in reply to A.#
      • Then C, in reply to B.#
        • And D, in reply to C.#
  • Twitter will display that as a thread. Like this. #
  • Could I have had them all in reply to A? Not sure. I haven't tried it. #

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