It's even worse than it appears.
Dev work: A few days ago I asked how to use regex to mash up paths for web requests. In the end I went another way, adding a long-wanted plug-in capability to PagePark, my labor-of-love Node-based web server. I found a really Nodey way to do it, much better imho than using eval or vm. I use modules. A lot of people don't know they can be in files, not just distributed through NPM. It's a really nice way to do plug-ins, and it's made something cool possible with Little Outliner. More on that later. In the meantime I've written up the use of modules as PagePark plug-ins in the thread about regex. Still diggin!#
BTW, here's an example of a PagePark plug-in. #
This is a must-read article. Summary. There won't be enough testing, probably for the rest of the year. Same with ventilators and gear to protect the medical people. What's missing is national leadership, to tell people the truth, let us know what we're needed to do. We can accept that. What is killing us is the constant chaos. #
Very interesting visual of the progression of the disease.#
Dwight Eisenhower: "Leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes well."#
I'm buying stuff on Amazon that's scheduled to be delivered in June. I want to see if the world will still be here then. I can smile if the packages arrive. Oh I guess we made it, I'll snicker to myself loudly.#
On MSNBC they're talking about all the horrendous shit Trump did at the briefing where no news was made except what a POS he is. Come on. This is too easy and a waste of good news people. Trump being an asshole is not news. Just. Stop.#
I must use this huge plate of crawfish as my header image. #
People who are worried, now, if Biden is electable. An analogy. You're married to a crazy man. He's got a gas can and matches. He's soaked your kids in gasoline, and is ready to light them up. You're thinking about your next husband. You're crazy.#
I bet Google knows where the hot spots are.#
I always feel better when the sun rises. 🌞#
The companies didn’t need bailouts. Take United Airlines for example. They would have gone bankrupt, their assets sold to pay creditors. There would still be a United Airlines. The planes would still fly. The shareholders would have lost everything. Owning stock is risky, or it should be -- especially when you don't save for a rainy day as United didn't. Same old shit. Upside is private. Downside is socialist. We need real health care, people need food, a place to live, a job. We had the opportunity now to ensure all that. We’re trying to prop up an old obsolete system. People are left to fend for themselves, but stockholders are made whole.#
  • Think about ventilators.#
  • Suppose you catch the virus today.#
  • In two weeks you're so sick you can't breathe.#
  • You need a ventilator.#
  • The EMT driver won't take you to the hospital because there is no ventilator for you.#
  • It's like planning ahead for TP but this matters more. #
  • Two reasons:#
    • Increase your chance of survival when you get the virus.#
    • Slow the rate of transmission of the virus.#
  • One reason for you, another for everyone else. #
  • Scientists are working feverishly on treatments and a vaccine. The latter will prevent you from getting infected, but it's a long way off. But treatments could come about any day. The longer you hold on, the more likely you will survive. #
  • If everyone stayed in, the transmission of the virus would almost halt. You could still get it from someone you live with. But that's it. #
  • But we can't be perfect. We need doctors, food, electric, internet, etc. So the best we can do is slow the rate. The slower it gets, the more time we give the scientists to find a treatment or vaccine. And the better the chance you survive.#

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