It's even worse than it appears.
My NYC correspondent. "At least two co-workers sound like they have it, but both have been doing fine with mild symptoms (it's a young and healthy group, though). This is bad, but I think by June NYC is going to be the most resilient and functional city, with experience and infrastructure and also lots of people who are resistant because they've already gotten it. California is doing really well with distancing but I'm worried they'll face a bad second wave in the fall."#
Why do reporters keep showing up for Trump pressers, and then spend endless hours talking about it. It's like the character in Harry Met Sally played by Carrie Fisher. You're right, you're right he's never going to leave her.#
I wish there were a fully networked SimCity where my friends' cities and mine could trade. And we could have lockdowns and shut down the airports, and have Covid-19 outbreaks. We could kill all the Sims, and then boom, reincarnate them. #
One of the best things you can do to love the web again is decentralize. Start your own blog, and post links to social media sites. Then you're building on the resilience of the net, instead of concentrating on a potential single point of failure.#
From a friend in NYC, a picture of the tents in the East Meadow of Central Park, across from Mount Sinai Hospital.#
"Shifty, scheming person that will do whatever they need to to escape whatever they fear in the moment." Yup that sounds like our president. #
From Don Park. Unboxing video showing contents of the relief kit sent to South Koreans in self-isolation after testing positive.#
Every day I start with a blank slate here on Scripting News and I wonder if I'll find anything to put here. Maybe today it will be an empty page? Then I have breakfast, drink some coffee, catch up on what people are saying, and then comes the flood. 💥#
From Dave Carlick a link to a video from the Czech Republic minister of health saying it's time for everyone to wear a mask. I had mask-envy. People have such nice store-bought masks. I have some on order from Amazon, but who knows when they'll be here. Just got an email saying oops we're going to be late. Maybe May or June. In the meantime a neighbor made me a beautful denim mask (see below) which I will wear proudly when I go to town.#
  • I've privately encouraged a few reporter friends to look into what it's like to die from "CV", and report on it. #
  • My imagination says it's very horrible. But maybe it isn't as bad as I imagine and maybe they knock you out for the most painful parts. #
  • I know you can request a DNR, thinking of writing it on my body in Sharpie. But can you also request palliative treatment? #
  • And btw, how are supplies of the palliatives?#
  • This is a huge story, and as far as I can see no one is covering it. It would take a lot of courage. #
  • Tom Watson: "Like with mass shootings or war zones, there's a media pact not to present the battlefield to the public." I respond: "This is different. The people they're reporting to are the battlefield."#
  • Me, with my stylin new mask.#

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