It's even worse than it appears.
Problems with the Cuomo podcast in Apple's podcasts app? I have subscribed to it, of course, but it hasn't updated since the Boris Johnson special. But it keeps floating to the top of the list, and indicates that it has updated, but no new episodes show up. Yesterday I saw a complaint from a user about this. What's going wrong? We go to the trouble of updating this podcast feed every day with the latest Cuomo briefing, but if people aren't hearing it, what's the point? If you have a comment please post it here on Twitter.#
Sarah Cooper: "Having the Blue Angels fly over the city for healthcare workers is like when I ask my husband for help around the house and he buys me flowers."#
It's fair to say that the old way of producing video entertainment is now as toxic as nursing homes, airplanes and meat plants, yet there's more demand than ever for video entertaiment. Something's gotta give. Real actors showing up in virtual environments, sort of a flip of GEICO's excellent gecko spokesmodel? I have no idea. But this could be as profound a transition as the switch to sound in the 1930s (also a depression era). More animations with human voices like the incredibly excellent Bojack Horseman? #
Jay Rosen is speaking clearly to the journalism industry again. He's gotta stop doing that (just kidding). As a former entrepreneur, I have a bit of advice myself. Listen to your users. This, surprising to me, has been something journalism explains they don't do, presumably because it would taint their objectivity. They're humans like the rest of us and the reason is probably more that it complicates their already-complicated lives. But the answer to their problems imho lie there. Every user of news will tell you that they aren't going to subscribe to every news org they're interested in. There must be some profitable relationship short of total commitment that will get our money into your bank account. Yet that's exactly how the industry has configured itself, as if every pub has a reasonable shot of being funded this way. Listen to users, followed by a negotiation -- that's where the answer lies. Also change your mission now to saving lives. As I've said before if you save my life I'm going to shower you with money. I'm going to drown you with money. And it's never been easier to do that, btw. Changing times call for new ideas. #
As Bob Dylan once wrote, "The answer is blowing in the wind."#

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