It's even worse than it appears.
I rarely quote Trump here. Maybe I never have. But this is worth quoting. "Our death totals, our numbers, per million people, are really very, very strong. We're very proud of the job we've done."#
We'll know it's time to lighten the lockdown when Steve Kornacki can do a weather report on CV outbreaks around the US, with confidence. Science is really good at that these days. Weather reports are amazingly accurate these days. We have to get just as good with tracking virus outbreaks.#
I did a little checking after posting this, and it seems request is not being deprecated. Rather, they are freezing it. Totally legit. But it's safe to keep using it, which is exactly what I plan to do. If they ever take it out, I'm just going to fork it and add it back. I have enough complications to manage in the messes functionality I've created. #
BTW, if you're writing a Node app that needs to read a feed, I recommend davefeedread. I wrote it, and I use it. It's stable and pretty well debugged. 💥#
Earlier today I went grocery shopping and was surprised at how well-stocked the store was. They actually had hand sanitizer and Lysol cleaning stuff. And I was sure all the meat would have gone, given the problems with meat processing plants, but not so. The checkout line was ridiculously long, but moved quickly. All in all a gratifying experience. PS: I was really scared to do this. #
On Twitter it was suggested that I change the titles of the items in the Cuomo Briefing podcast feed so each item has a unique title, that it might start working properly in Apple's podcasts app on my iPhone. Note the items in the feed have proper guid elements, so there should be no need to use the title as a guid, but it seems that Apple's podcast app does, because when I changed the titles of the five most recent episodes, voila -- they show up in the Apple podcasts app. This was suggested on Twitter by OG podcaster Madge Weinstein. Bottom-line: there appears to be an easy-to-fix bug in Apple's podcasts app on iOS.#
  • McConnell's one-finger salute to local government. #

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