It's even worse than it appears.
One of the things that I love about the times we're in is that the news is now filled with science. So much of the news before was about optics, narratives, impressions and the like. Talking about nothing. How cool is it to see Chris Hayes listening intently to an epidemiologist. Or Fauci explaining why remdesivir is a big deal, while Trump looks on, nodding, not understanding a word, but letting Fauci tell the story, a science story. Now you can actually learn something, sometimes, watching the news. Now that's coool. #
NakedJen and her travels from Bali to SLC were a big topic on this blog in March. I spoke with her three times on that trip, in Bali, Seoul and Seattle. She could have stayed in Seoul. There was some question if the flight she had booked to Seattle would actually go. There was a "last flight" feeling. It would be a different life if she went one way or the other. She decided to let Delta make the choice. If the plane arrived to take her home, she'd go. If not, she'd stay. She's finally written the story. She's an awesome writer. Highly recommended. #
The Fifth Risk is a very timely read. #
Feeling really disoriented today. Or maybe the disorentation of life is catching up with me. I've been taking care of business, I'm more organized than ever, it feels more important for some reason. It's pouring rain out, steady downpour, for hours. Normally this would be relaxing, but today it seems weary. Maybe it's the aftermath of the humilty of the fight with Dropbox. But that did clear a lot of the fog about how I manage my apps. Or the despair of Maddow, last night -- and a comment I read on Twitter this morning. "The Trump Administration squandered April. As Americans sacrificed and far too many died, Trump watched TV and tried to direct cash to political pals."#
  • I was emailing with Anil Dash about Glitch. Learned a few things.#
    • The GitHub integration is still early. The problem is that when you update from a repo, it wipes out all the other files in the project. The data and settings. But that's going to be fixed, he says, and when it is I will be able to connect to a project through the GitHub version. #
    • Also good to know is that you can change which files cause the app to restart by adding a watch.json file to the project. #
  • Also my test server,, is still running. A reminder that my stack (still) works there. Node is a good platform. #
  • If the Glitch folk can answer the other questions I asked here in April, the thread on GitHub is a good place to go. #
  • By Sally Anderson, Seattle, via Facebook.#
  • How she did it: "Just tapped on the iPhone screen and raised brightness before shooting (not a filter or edit). Also - craned my neck full tilt to see a beloved tree coming into spring foliage and saw how beautiful its nubile leaves against today's half-lit sky."#

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