It's even worse than it appears.
Let's all wear MLK buttons to stand in solidarity with our fellow Americans. They're as easy to make as masks, and really make a statement.#
Here's the news experience I want. As I read Twitter or my river, and I see an article I want to read, I click the link. I get a preview and a price. Click the button and I pay the price, read the article. No spyware, no ads, nice big font. It's in my story list so I can go back and re-read it any time. This requires a centralized payment system, it could be Scroll or something similar to it. The tech is not a problem, the problem is the news orgs giving users what they want. Now questions come up -- what's the price? The news orgs set the price. They have to experiment. They could run specials. They could drop the price to $0 after a story has reached a certain threshold, giving readers a further incentive, to help a story they think is important to circulate. Lots of possibilities. We should get on this train asap. #
What is an outliner? It's a "a text editor that organizes information in a hierarchy, allowing users to control the level of detail and to reorganize according to structure."#
  • Interesting juxtaposition.#
  • Protester yells at cop in Minnesota.#
  • Protester yells at cop in Michigan.#

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