It's even worse than it appears.
In NYC, imho, Black Lives Matter Square should be on Park Row, in front of NYPD headquarters and the main municipal jail. #
I’ve always thought the word leftist was silly and meaningless and made the people using it seem like idiots. People like Hannity who is a known idiot. Anyway, I’ve decided to change it to “Left Tits.” And Hannity is a “Right Tit.” God gave us two tits. Thank you.#
Did any of the objectors to the Times' running Cotton's op-ed consider that exposure of his insidiousness earlier than later would have value, to the NYT readership, who have minds, and value freedom as much as any of their reporters (and btw some are probably black as well).#
Braintrust query: For an app I'm writing, I want to launch a tail command, and have its stdout appear in the current window. Solved.#
  • Not getting enough coverage is that the stock market is back to where it was before the pandemic. How to interpret this? What message is it sending? Get ready, because this is harsh.#
  • If you're unemployed, it says this. The stock market doesn't need you. Literally, that is its message customized for the unemployed. The market doesn't consider Depression-level unemployment to be a problem for the companies it values.#
  • We could probably get by with a lot fewer police, something the police might not want to ignore. When they beat up citizens they are not only hurting the citizens, they're burning our money. We are literally paying them to do this.#
  • If we can't find the bad apples, we could just start firing police randomly. Maybe at that point, they'll see the value in helping find, remove and prosecute the bad ones.#
  • This is the problem with JavaScript. #
  • The value of having a standard language is simplicity for newbies. But it takes discipline to remove barriers, instead developers add them. Eventually (maybe now) the weight of the totality will force the whole thing to collapse. #
    • BTW there are many other virtues of simplicity, not just limiting barriers for newbies.#
  • This is a familiar pattern. When I first got into software, I learned C on Unix. Simplicity. Heavily factored. Less is more. Then I looked at the jobs available in the real world, and they had a stack like the one in the cartoon. I went to UCSD Pascal on the Apple II instead.#
  • Why? Because on the Apple II, the Woz machine, less is more. To display a character just write it to a location in the machine's memory. Again, a fresh slate. How many fresh slates would it take to get to networked apps? Lots. How many were actually needed if we had discipline?#
  • One. But you have to have a culture where we only add features if we're adding functionality. I have a motto for this. "Two ways of doing something is worse than one, no matter how much better the second way is."#
  • I've had to say this many times over the decades of my career, as other programmers added complexity to an already-too-complex system. JavaScript *was* a good idea. Now it is a huge hairball because programmers keep wanting to solve the same problems over and over.#

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