It's even worse than it appears.
The next Lincoln project ad. China and Trump. #
Black neighborhoods must get the same service as white neighborhoods. Very simple.#
White people are never going to understand what it's like to be black. But we can listen, empathize, and try to do what they ask us to do to help. That would be success imho. Last night Ari Melber asked a panel what victory looks like. It's a good idea for everyone to ask and answer that question. Let's find common goals and work together to achieve them. You have to figure out what needs to change to make America safe for blacks. We can help. One of the big lessons of the 1619 podcast was that the struggles of blacks for equality gave us all greater guarantees. This will happen again and again. But we must not waste the opportunity.#
I’d like to do a new server-side JavaScript environment that’s compatible with Node, ie runs Node apps, no breakage, but it also eliminates the need for callbacks, promises or async/await. I believe it’s technically possible.#
  • It'd be interesting if there was an AI bot that rated people on the basis of whether they could change their mind. #
  • People could compete on that basis. #
  • At least we would learn how to imitate actual discourse.#
  • Good intentions might rub off. 💥#
  • Smells are an incredible thing, a time machine, when you get a whiff of something from long ago, it reaches deep into your emotional memory and you experience the feelings from long ago, most deeply felt are the feelings of childhood and the people who raised me.#
  • For example, when I moved to NYC from California in 2010, when I went for a walk in the morning in Central Park, I'd get the smell of the woods and the morning dew, mixed with salt air of the ocean. It took me back to my grandmother's house in Rockaway. She's long gone, the house isn't ours anymore, but the memory sure is.#
  • Morning smells here in the Catskills, where I live now, take me back to summer camp. The rituals. Taps at bedtime, reveille to wake us in the morning. The food they served that my mother never did. Butter on bread. What a revelation. We didn't eat butter at home. #
  • Playing softball every day. Swimming. Canoeing. And most deep gratitude for the weekly care package from mom with home baked cookies and stories from home. I'm sure she put as much care into the packages as I did in savoring them. Until I experienced the summer smell of camp, here and now, at age 65, mom gone, I never recalled those packages. If I had I would have never doubted our bond. #
  • Yesterday I read a post from my friend Anna Masera in Italy who was going out to eat at a real restaurant. Not outdoor seating. Inside. Then I realized how great it's going to be to re-experience all the things we took for granted just a few months ago. If we survive this it'll have been worth it from that standpoint.#
  • We're going to have some fun, yes we will. #

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