It's even worse than it appears.
Braintrust query: I'm trying to catch the error in a Forever-managed app that caused it to restart. The error shows up when the app is run on its own. I want the same info when Forever is running it.#
Yesterday I linked to a Joni Mitchell song, Twisted -- not knowing it was a cover for a song written by Annie Ross. A reader, Richie B, sent me a link, and I like this version even better. Very sweet, jazzy. 💥#
I asked a friend who’s Jewish, as am I, how he’d feel if a statue of Hitler was in the middle of his town. He said it’s different. It’s not. Imagine, after surviving the war, getting your freedom, the people you lived with, who controlled the town you live in, celebrated your enslavers. #
The people who flirt with KKK tactics, use the intimidation of Jim Crow, we can’t cleanse their minds, but we can force them back into the shadows. Blacks are every bit as American as any of us. Stop worrying about the feelings of the evil people, start caring for their victims.#
My friend Enoch Choi, a brave doctor who risks his life to save people all over the world, reminds us that racist terms like Kung Flu, coming from the filthy mouth of our president, give permission to evil people among us to target Asian Americans. Unacceptable.#
Today is WWDC day, and announcements from Apple. My longtime friend Scott Love says Apple should focus on the user experience. I say it's even more basic. What matters to me is how broken everything is. Every day it seems my flow is stopped because I have to find a way around something someone broke that broke something else. Stop deprecating, stop changing, let’s spend a decade fixing breakage.#
  • I watched a Dave Chappelle concert last night on Netflix. Great stuff. But. He says the N-word over and over. Even to talk about white people. It gets imprinted in your mind, that's just a fact. #
  • Another example, after watching The Wire, my brain starts using the N-word all the time as my mind drifts. God forbid the word should ever come out of my actual mouth. Someday it will and I will get excoriated. #
  • So maybe our black bros (another word DC uses a lot) could take this into account and maybe not use it so much, at least when the audience has a lot of white people in it. Just sayin. #
  • This is how a president should look. With the weight of the world on his shoulders. Finally, perhaps, it has dawned on him that he can't bluff his way out of this one. The virus doesn't intimidate. #
  • This is how a president should look. #

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