It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday July 15, 2020; 12:39 PM EDT
  • I got it in my head that I should move an old app off an old server onto my newest server using the modern ability of PagePark to run apps from domain folders. 2.0 days later, I think I have it running. #
  • One of the ideas of the new PP stuff is to remove the server dependencies from Node apps, so you can just move them around where ever you like. Ideally there would be no concept of a server, just apps running in the cloud somewhere. I know there are lots of things like this, don't send me links (we need an acronym for that).#
  • a URL-shortener I wrote in 2015 that makes it possible to categorize links. I hooked it up to Radio3, and I could say this is about Bernie or Snow or Doc and it would create a URL like this:#
  • Another feature, you can get all the links on a topic, in JSON.#
  • For debugging I created an HTML page that has all the links in the database.#
  • What became of this project? The same thing that happens to all attempts to categorize things. It was too much to do in the hectic pace of being an internet busybody. 💥#
  • PS: The source code is available here. #

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