It's even worse than it appears.
Talking Heads: "When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed. Say something once, why say it again?"#
People are writing about the risks associated with Twitter, hacking and misinformation, after the hack of last week. There's an even bigger risk. Twitter itself could be bought for 1/2 of $28 billion, the company's valuation according to the stock price. That's a fraction of the net worth of a number of billionaires. And you could probably finance the acquisition, so you would need much less than $14 billion to pull it off. Basically Twitter itself, legally, is very insecure. We're depending on something a bad actor could take over, legally. I've been writing about this for years. I hope other people tune into it before it actually happens. (Do you think Peter Thiel hasn't thought of it? Don't be naïve.)#
Pro tip: Any time you're thinking of Trump as "the president" replace it with "the enemy" and the statement all of a sudden makes sense.#
Biden is now getting the intelligence briefings. And finally, someone is actually reading them. I bet his staff is planning on how to address each of the issues. Anyway, for now he says both Russia and China are interfering with our election and he says what you'd hope a president would say. BTW, "meddling" is the wrong word, meddling is what a Jewish mother does. What Russia did in 2016 was an act of war. Americans are dying because of what they did. #
I prefer Metacritic to Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. I like it because it's clean and simple. They gather reviews of lots of pubs, rate them on a scale of 1-100, and they give the movie or show a rating based on the average. A show with an 80 or higher is must-watch.#
I was talking with a friend yesterday about Woody Allen. We both felt that he had been unfairly canceled. And yes the word applies to his experience. He's one of the great film makers of our time. The movie Manhattan came up in our discussion, I saw it was playing on Amazon, so I watched it. What an incredible movie. People forget that Allen wrote the movie, so any flaws you see in the main character, and they sure are there, were put there by him. In the end you feel his heartbreak at having been so dismissive of Mariel Hemmingway's character, she was so much more wise than him, even though she was so much younger. I had forgotten that Diane Keaton was in the movie. It's a masterpiece. #
It's so weird. I could swear I saw a notice that John Lewis had died three days ago. I even wondered why no one was commenting on it. Did I dream it?#
Fair question.#
  • A lot of people seem to think I'm realllly stupid. #
  • I think it's because I strive for simplicity in my work.#
  • It happened right from the start, with ThinkTank. I factored it for years, until it was super easy. #
  • The others said they could do it in a weekend.#
  • Heh. They couldn't#
  • In the next version, we added a blindingly complex feature, cloning. It was actually also pretty simple, but when you demo'd it, you could see their minds exploding. #
  • Hooo, what was that? #
  • Technology. #
  • Ohhhh. #
  • You have to impress them if you want them to believe you.#

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