It's even worse than it appears.
I've recently added a bunch of people to the nightly email subscription list. Plenty to catch up on, but nothing as important as this: Google and HTTP. The tech industry is trying to take control of the open standards of the web. They're doing it slowly, with a lot of PR, and also punishment for people and companies who don't comply. A perfect example of monopoly power used corruptly. Plenty of people noticed, but few want to cross Google. I don't care. I'll let them make my writing inaccessible, but I will never comply with their rules. The web is unique in that it's a platform with no platform vendor. They're guests, as we all are. Guests don't make the rules. There are other issues. Facebook has knocked the legs from under the blogosphere. Every time I've asked them to help, they've said no. So all progress has to flow through them and they never move. They don't support the most basic features of the web, linking, simple styles, titles, podcasting. The tech industry is as bad as it was when I started in the 70s. And of course it's much more powerful today. #
2018: The best platform vendor is no platform vendor. #
Three sites for Covid tracking. Stat. 1Point3Acres. CovidActNow.#
What is it about the ethics of journalism that says reporters and columnists have to forget every bit of news that came before the atrocity they're reporting now? It's how news became Groundhog Day. We're always learning how Trump works for Russia. Over and over.#
The notorious Louis Gohmert has coronavirus. Yesterday I promised to post some good news here. I'm a man of my word. #
I was invited to buy Echo Frames, even though I don't wear prescription glasses, and there is no cell service where I live, I went ahead and ordered a pair. Yes I am a technology addict. #
If you asked what I thought about antitrust and the big tech companies, a subject to be explored today in Congress, I would tell you about the open web and how Google is trying to privatize it.#
Trump loves Putin. He's never going to leave him. No matter how much we need him to.#
Trump, in the Oval Office, with two Russian colleagues. #

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