It's even worse than it appears.
Ken Smith has been indulging me, commenting on stuff, blog-style, using LO2, even though LO2 is not (at this time) a proper blogging tool. Yesterday he commented on my process for archiving content on Scripting News. Here's a screen shot of Ken's post. I don't yet have a proper way to point to it. I know a lot about this. Future-safe archives. An organization has to have a strong and lasting commitment to creating a record, because there are so many ways to lose it. My backup to GitHub is actually an offline archive. In case GitHub survives and the web does not. I try to keep the URLs working on, if not other domains I've created. My focus is on Even so, I've broken a fair number of links over the years. a big source was in the switch to S3. A very rational thing to do, no regrets, but their server is case-sensitive, and the server I had been using previously was not. It's too bad something like that was not mentioned in the founding documents of the web. I try to fix broken links when I find them. But keeping even one site unbroken is an impossible job. You do the best you can.#
BTW, I'm concerned that GitHub only archives projects that have a lot of followers. In my case I preserve stuff on GitHub without concern for followers, stuff I feel strongly should be archived. Maybe this is a service they can sell?#
I watched a little CNN yesterday. Starting to prefer it to MSNBC, esp Wolf Blitzer. But they say platitudes that are wrong. Example: "There’s no-one-size-fits-all approach to the virus." Sounds nice but the opposite is true. The only way out is if we all do the same at the same time until,the infection dies. First thing CNN should do is review their dogma, offline, and get it right. And then publish the results. #
Forcing schools to open in the midst of an uncontrolled pandemic is genocide. The virus is still growing. You have to think bigger picture. Opening schools is like pouring gasoline on a fire, when we want to be dousing it.#
I also listened to a bit of On The Media this morning. They said something that really irked me: The police is the only public institution that isn't properly overseen (I'm paraphrasing). But journalism is even less overseen. I think the op-ed page in the major papers should be run by non-journalists and should be all about the failings of journalism. They say it so many times in so many ways. Democracy dies in darkness. Journalism has always been dark. Never examined. Considered to be above reproach by mortals. And that's garbage. It's just resulted in an arrogance that's had enormous consequences. #
On July 12, I posted a plan for (not) re-opening schools. "It's out of the question. What may happen is they will try to open the schools in a few of the Republican states, and close them within a few days as the rate of infection goes even higher. Cause and effect. You do something stupid and a week later the infections go up, two weeks later the hospitalizations go up and two weeks after that, the death rate goes up." It goes on from there. #
A minimally competent US president would, because of the pandemic: 1. Have an approval rating in the 80s. 2. Could lead the whole world in peace..#
Every neighborhood has the crazy family. On our street the crazy family were the HooHaws (made up name). The mother of the family was the Big Crazy, her name was Hello (again, made up name). One day a few years ago I arrived to visit my mom, and she was in the street talking with Hello HooHaw, and it hit me, hard. We were the crazy family. In case the parallel isn't clear, the US is about as crazy as it gets on Planet Earth. But we were raised to believe it's the rest of the world that was off its rocker.#

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