It's even worse than it appears.
Poll: When will Biden announce his running mate?#
A new Twitter feature lets you decide who can reply to your tweet. #
JavaScript, which I love in the way a hostage loves his or her hostage-taker, fails the test of "Does the code look like what it does." It requires you to stand on your head with every finger in some random orifice to get simple stuff done if it involves any waiting. On the other hand if no waiting is involved, the code is perfectly understandable. If they invented JavaScript in the 70s, in the 80s we'd invent a language the fixes this colossal design error. With all respect to Brendan and his 10-day moon mission project. #
Can we have a rebellion in journalism? Secede from Trump's reality, chart a new course for the rest of us. His course doesn't end well as we now know. Waiting for journalism to discover it has this power, they're inching toward it, but too slowly. #
Vision of a future that works better: Journalism is to Trump as the Mac was to mainframe computers.#
Elie Mystal: "People want to reopen schools because they need the child care, not because it makes sense to."#
Trump really wanted to run against Bernie Sanders. Maybe all that michegas about Hunter Biden backfired on the troll. Maybe if he had let Biden drift away into oblivion he would have gotten his wish. The Streisand Effect in presidential politics. 🚀#
  • Most of the people my age when we were in school never imagined computers would be used by normal people to communicate. They resisted the idea. #
  • So what are most of us missing today? I think it has to do with who will be doing our daily journalism. Imho, we all will. Why? #
    • A void is being left as professional journalists focus on fewer stories.#
    • We’re learning how to do it with blogging and social media.#
    • We need and want journalism.#
    • It’s like jury duty, it’s uplifting, gives our life purpose and meaning. It’s its own reward.#

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