It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday August 30, 2020; 11:25 AM EDT
  • Mice got my car. Learning how to fight back. I asked on a local Facebook group and got excellent advice, summarized here. #
    • Put dryer sheets throughout, attached in safe places under the hood. Glove compartment. #
    • Moth balls in the cabin and engine filter boxes. #
    • Mint bags hung under the hood and changed every other week.#
    • Mouse traps.#
    • Mouse Magic. #
    • Earth Kind rodent repellent. #
    • Irish Spring soap.#
    • Peppermint oil and peppermint tea bags in glove compartment, in and around passenger side doors. #
    • Peppermint oil on cotton balls stuck in the battery cozy.#
    • Poison or traps.#
    • Seal the garage.#
    • "I run car with AC full on, then squirt peppermint oil down the outside air intake at bottom of windshield. After a minute you can smell it inside the car and I stop. You have to keep doing it every week or so."#
  • Notes --#
    • Drive your car every day. #
    • They hate strong smells. #
    • In new cars the wires are soy based and the mice like to eat the wires.#
    • Late summer and early fall is when mice are looking for their winter homes?#
    • If you poison mice, you poison their predators.#
    • Mothballs may be poisonous for people to breathe. #

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