It's even worse than it appears.
Oy. I use Signal for messaging. I shuffled phone numbers around and am disconnected from my old account on my iPhone, which is still my "main" mobile device. Apparently Signal can sync with a desktop computer but not with another phone? Did I say oy? Oy.#
BTW, I got $0 in trade for my iPhone XS/Max with the cracked display. Oh well. It was a reallllly expensive phone, around $1500 if I recall correctly. The new iPhone SE is even nicer and was only $350. And I also love the Pixel 4a. I can't decide which is nicer. But what is great is both Apple and Google are now making inexpensive phones with formerly high-end features. If you're using an old phone, even one that's only two years old as I was, it's worth looking at the new Google and Apple offerings. #
BTW, the Pixel 4a has a headphone jack. At one time that was a big deal for me, but not no mo. It feels weird. I wonder if I'll find a use for it. Basically Bluetooth works reliably now. At one time, not too long ago, it did not. #
NakedJen asked how's the camera on the iPhone SE. She's thinking about getting one so she can use Clubhouse. I haven't even tried the SE's camera, I've been so focused on the Pixel 4a's. I will do some picture taking with it. #
Update on the mouse infestation in my car. I had the car fumigated, but sadly, the stench is as bad as ever. I'm going to find out what I can get for the car in trade, and move on. A very expensive lesson. On the other hand, I asked my fellow Woodstockers how they deal with mice and cars, and I have learned so much. I'm going to make a list of all the ways people keep the mouse damage to a minimum, and I'm going to practice it. I was very lax, liberal, laissez-faire even with the local mouse community. No more. I am on the warpath. It's them or me! 💥 #
I’ve praised Andrew Sullivan in the past, so I have to say his latest is just propaganda, garbage, filled with lies. I guess this is what he’s like unchained from NY Mag. I didn’t read his stuff before he moved to NYM. He’s like a Fox commenter. Vile. And because he's smart, he must know what he's doing. My friends said I was wrong about him when I praised him, writing from his NYM pulpit. They were right. #
One more thing. Perhaps the Democrats should campaign on fear, just a bit. Think about what a second term for Trump might bring, specifically. I wrote a tweet about that, a short one. "Trump wins second term, masks are now illegal. The virus is declared dead. We are forced to go to indoor centers, until we all get the virus, so the economy can reopen fully." I'm sure Trump unchained would try to bring his version of Hitler to the US, with serious advantages. Hitler didn't have nukes, America's wealth or an ally like Covid-19. He can and I'm sure will do a lot of damage. I think people should be confronted with that very specific vision, in all states, red and blue. #
Today's song: Shiny Happy People.#

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