It's even worse than it appears.
Today’s song: Mama Tried.#
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Trump can hardly complain about anonymous sources when he destroys the careers of people who tell the truth about him under oath. Can't have it both ways. Schmuck.#
I applied for an absentee ballot in New York State. It seems to me they could allow me to download and print a PDF of the ballot, instead of mailing it to me via USPS. The first half of the process could be electronic. At least they didn't require you to send them a printed request to send you a ballot. They didn't ask for an email address. That's a shame, because that could be used to debug problems with the system, or provide confirmation when they receive the ballot. Also note they don't ask for your mailing address. This is good. However, they display the person's physical address in the form, once you provide information that isn't that hard to guess. Not a good idea. #
No matter what this Thanksgiving is going to be a shitshow because in the US the virus is not contained. Christmas and New Years are lost as well. Instead, hunger and homelessness. Let’s hope we have the good sense to fix the problem on Nov 3.#
  • Many years ago at a tech conference in Arizona, I was seated next to a billionaire. He had started a shoe company, very successful, sold it. I tried to have a conversation, but he mostly ignored me. He said something I remembered. You can't get by on less than $20 million a year. I looked to see if he was joking. He wasn't. I said you know that's not true. I live quite well, but I don't even spend $1 million a year (an understatement, I probably didn't spend $100K a year). I said there are lots of people who get by on $30K a year (it was a long time ago). He didn't say another word the whole meal.#
  • All that ignorance because he made shoes a lot of people liked. Shoes. I've seen it many times. Vast wealth doesn't make people smarter, though a lot of people including the super-rich think it does. It actually makes you stupider.#
  • A guy like Trump has no idea what it means to be president. Yet for some reason he decided that's what he wants to be. And he is. And he probably doesn't understand why people are so upset with what he said about suckers and losers.#
  • I could imagine one of my roommates at UW-Madison saying something like what Trump said in the 70s. But a president not only can't, but a president can't even think it. A president has to send people to their deaths. That's a very big responsibility.#
  • A person who truly believes what Trump does can not be president. We could argue about it in a bar on E Johnson St in Madison, but he doesn't get to be undecided on that.#
  • I wrote this on Facebook earlier today. #
  • After a week of using the new Facebook user interface — it’s awful. The first thing you want to do when you come to Facebook is find out what’s new, so you pull down the menu with all the new stuff in it. In the old version in that menu were links to all of the comments, posts, likes of people I follow. Perfect. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. In the new version most of the new items are friend requests. I get huge numbers of spam friend requests. I can’t tell in this menu which are spam and which are real so I just delete them all. And it’s hard to find the new comments posts and likes of my friends. Usually new interfaces are upsetting in the first few days and then you get used to them and that’s it. That isn’t happening with this interface. It’s just wrong. Facebook you should fix it. I know this because I still have the old interface on my iPad and it’s much much easier to use. I apologize for typos in this. I recited it using voice recognition on my iPad, and it’s not perfect. #

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