It's even worse than it appears.
Update on the Mouse Wars. I've inundated the car with peppermint and Bounce sheets. Parking it outside, not in the carport. I think the mice like the carport even without a car. I also bought a couple of Blink cameras for the house. I figured that I should put one of the cameras at ground level next to the car, and see if any mice show up in the dark of night. So far one rodent, not particularly interested in the car. Here's the video. I love using spying hardware in the War Against Mice. #
People who think they can predict the near-future, look at this video, and imagine it was a year ago, looking a year into the future. Explain why the Hudson Yards Mall in NYC is a ghost town. You'd never in a million years guess the true reason. It's so frustrating when smart people quote the pablum they hear on the cable news shows. Those are bedtime stories. The world is far more dangerous and far less predictable. Go back and watch the shows from a year ago to see how well they did.#
Succession gave us "fuck off" as a term of endearment.#
The best political ad of the season (so far). #
I'm into season 2 of Borgen on Netflix. It's really great. It's taken my mind off US politics. #
We're heading into a taxation without representation situation if the Repubs try to put another conservative on the court. The country isn't that conservative. The Electoral College gone wild. The Repubs got too good at tuning it up and it will lead to a revolution, with their political heads on spikes.#

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