It's even worse than it appears.
My new BingeWorthy profile page. #
Trump should be impeached for what he said yesterday.#
I might subscribe to the New Yorker if they split the fee with a small publication they admire that they think everyone should read. I abhor the idea of just the big old stodgy names getting funded. I won't do it. #
We need a new doc like the Declaration of Independence, totally non-partisan, that we can declare our loyalty to. In today's language. We re-commit to re-form our government, so it can't be abused as Trump has. An oath to our reboot. #
The journalists want taxpayers to fund news. As a user, I want to fund it, just not the way they have it set up. They want a blank check, they'll have even less reason to listen to users and the product will continue to drift. More here.#
Idea for Lincoln Project ad. Take us through history, pictures of the great bloodless transitions in American history. Like this.#
According to Matt McDermott, Trump refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power is on page A15 of today's NYT print edition, not the front page. It'd be interesting to hear, from them, why. #
Biden's campaign had a slogan, Build Back Better, but it didn't stick. Campaigns need slogans. For example, with ThinkTank we had See What You Think. Of course Trump has many. MAGA. Mexico will pay for it. Fine people, on both sides. We'll have to see. Just a few. It's okay if a slogan translates into a concrete promise, but it doesn't have to. Obama had Yes We Can. That's pretty good, hard to refute and doesn't really commit to anything in particular. I liked FDR's Happy Days Are Here Again. That campaign happened long before I was born, but in a sense, I remember it. The same way I guess today's kids remember the Beatles. #
Why does the browser’s Back button not work in Facebook? When you hit the Back button you're taken to a random place. You have to remember to look for a link to the previous comment, or the post, and usually you forget. No other website works like this. And once you erroneously hit the Back button the Forward button doesn't work either. The place you were at is lost. This is pretty bad for software that's ten years old, and the bug persists even in the new version, suggesting it's a deep flaw in the design, or worse, it's intentional.#
A huge box of fresh picked apples at Adams in Kingston. #
The note George HW Bush left for Bill Clinton in the Oval Office during the peaceful transfer of power in 1993. #

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