It's even worse than it appears.
I made the change that I wrote up yesterday. Now when you go to an address, example, it will redirect to LO2, and it will open the outline, read-only, and updates will be live. #
Kara Swisher's new podcast interview with Colonel Vindman. He tells a good story. Honorable person in a corrupt administration. Very worthwhile. He answers the questions. I saw John Bolton on MSNBC last night, and he evades them. Vindman worked for Bolton. Vindman would make a good software tester, imho. #
I installed Covid Alert NY on my Pixel 4a. It uses Bluetooth to collect IDs of phones I spend ten minutes within six feed of and remembers them for some period of time. If one of them reports positive with Covid, I get notified. It's contact tracing with phones that we've talked about for a while. Does it work? I guess I hope not to ever find out. Yes I know it probably is a huge drain on the battery and privacy. #
I've been using the Podcasts app on my iPhone, it's using a whopping 20GB for old shows I'm never going to listen to again (or maybe never listened to at all). I assumed it garbage collected, but it doesn't. Podcasts should age-out, user configurable.#
We should have a buddy system for voting.#
Trump can condemn white supremacists, but it doesn't matter, he still is one. Occam's News. What would a white supremacist say, now, if cornered on whether he's a white supremacist? They'd deny it. But with a wink. 😉#
Having seen the debate, you now know what it’s like to work for Trump.#
When did we decide that hold music was okay. I don't remember voting on it. #
During the Mueller investigation, I assumed they had Trump’s tax returns. Turns out they didn’t. They didn’t follow the money. Apparently with Trump, no one has.#
  • Today would have been my uncle, Ken Kiesler's, 75th birthday. He didn't even make it to 60. I'm sure he's happy on his hippie beach in the sky. See you soon Uncle Vava. #
  • BTW, people may not know that Ken was an early blogger. He, and Dan Gillmor, were the first two users of Manila, outside of UserLand. In 1998 or 1999. #
  • He was my mother's brother, and nephew of German novelist, Arno Schmidt. He was the first member of my family born in the US. I was the second. He was only 10 years older than me, and was as much a brother as an uncle. #
  • It seems so weird that he could ever be as old as 75, but it's even more weird that he's been gone so long already. He died in Jamaica, in 2003, a few weeks before the first BloggerCon. #
  • Ken and Dot, with a few of Ken's cars, on their land in Crescent Beach, FL. #

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