It's even worse than it appears.
Today's song: Fool on the Hill (sung by Annie Lennox). #
I did not watch the debate. I was watching the previews on CNN and MSNBC, and I could see where it was going. I went to sleep instead, as I did on Election Night in 2016. I didn't really understand what happened until I listened to today's Daily podcast, just now, which included excerpts. Trump is dominant. He really practiced dominance. He's got a knack for it. About halfway through the show I realized this is what happens when you debate a troll. You never get to finish a thought, he always has another nit to pick, an annoying way to say something. He disrespects your dead son. He makes it about him, 100 percent. There's no room for anyone else. He was awful on his town hall a couple of weeks ago. A bluff? Anyway, I never thought Biden should debate him, or it should have been with rules that made it impossible for Trump to talk over him. Trump owned the stage last night. Glad I didn't watch, from what I can tell it was a nightmare. Also it was an incitement. The reporters say he "targeted his base." Not really. He told his nascent militia to make a mess of the election, and he's setting up "the left" to get the blame. We gave him access to 100 million people so he could fuck us up the ass. #
Poll: Did you watch the debate?#
A Catskill creek full of runoff from last night's storm.#
I usually don't write about work as I'm doing it, but wtf, let's give it a try. Today I'm going to pick up the thread I last worked on July 9. LO2 becomes its own reader app. It was always weird that you had to go outside LO2 to read a published outline. It make the connection uneasy. Not obvious how you'd create an outline of your own. By having the published outline (aka instant outline) be viewed read-only in LO2, you're right there, in a tab, in the tool that creates these outlines.#

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