It's even worse than it appears.
Monday October 5, 2020; 11:03 AM EDT
  • Yesterday I wrote about what's right with Twitter these days. #
  • Today -- Facebook. #
  • One thing overshadows all other considerations. They swapped out the old user interface in favor of a new more modern-looking one. It is more attractive, better use of fonts, the text is generally more readable, and it has a brighter look. #
  • But that's all that I can say about it that's good.#
  • What's bad? The product is depressing. Almost everything it shows you is junk. They must be trying to get us to stop using Facebook. #
  • This isn't the usual thing, users hate redesigns, but get used to them and after a while see that it's better in some ways, worse in others. I've been using it for a while, and it's every bit as ridiculous today as it was a few weeks ago. #
  • First all the spam friend requests are treated as super important, higher priority than anything else.#
  • It's like opening your real-world mailbox and all you get are catalogs, mailers, special offers, political ads, notices, most of it goes in the garbage, but you have to look at everything, because there will be things you have to pay attention to. #
  • How can their code fail to see that all the friend requests I get are spam? #
  • No one with any influence inside Facebook is using the version of the software we are using or they'd revert it immediately and then fix it. I've seen companies ship upgrades so bad the company failed, and this one is right up there. #

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